You have been screwed Over, Its perfectly reasonable for you to be angry and disappointed.
You need to to talk to some one..You need to get it off your chest.. Maybe get  some redress!

Maybe its a dress you bought and its got a hole, maybe its  a car you got repaired and it still packs up..

The first thing you should do is talk to the party that screwed you over to reach an amicable agreement and if they wont talk to you or continue to give you a raw deal, You have one option and that’s to vent your anger and frustrations right here at Screwed Over UK. Its a question of time before they see your post here and they will respond.


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Why did you not tell us Uber?

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So our details are in the hands of crooks and fraudsters because of your data breach .Was it because we were careless? No, its because you got eyes off the ball but the... READ MORE